About us

WellBeeing is an international foundation that aims at inspiring local communities into improving the well-being of bees and thus contributing to the well-being of all people.

The more we help the bees the more they can help themselves overcome their challenging situation, nature, and us. Bees, or better said pollinating insects help provide about 1/3 of everything we eat, make sure that about 75% of of all wild plants can reproduce, and with that they bring us health, knowledge, a different perspective, valuable (medicinal) products and ways to sense things, we never could. One of nature’s marvels that should be cherished.

Where we are, we do the best we can to help the people to get to know the bees better and stimulate the symbiotic relationship between man, bees and nature.

Our home-base is in Amsterdam and our headquarters in Belgium, but we have done projects and exchanged knowledge in The Netherlands (where we do most of our trainings/activities), Belgium, Uganda, Laos, Cambodia, Kenya, Rwanda and hopefully many more to come.

Our beekeepers have mostly been trained by the master beekeepers Albert Muller and Wim Van Grasstek @