About us


At Wellbeeing Foundation, we’re a community of beekeepers & friends committed to protecting bees & pollinators and fostering awareness of their crucial role in sustaining ecosystems.


Our vision is a world where bees thrive, communities support pollinators, and bee well-being is central to ecological health. Through providing more nectar & pollen, education and natural beekeeping, we aim for a future of mutual benefit between bees and humans.


1. Environmental Respect:

We prioritize environmental sustainability and the preservation of biodiversity, honoring the vital role of bees and pollinators in healthy ecosystems.

2. Empowerment through Education:

We empower individuals and communities through comprehensive education on pollinator importance and plants, inspiring action for bee well-being.

3. Ethical Beekeeping: 

We employ natural, biodynamic beekeeping methods that allow bees to express their natural urges to strengthen their immune systems so that they can withstand the threats they face and natural selection.

Our beekeepers have mostly been trained by Geert Van Kerckhove and master beekeepers Albert Muller and Wim Van Grasstek @ BDimkers.nl