The bee's WellBeeing, is our WellBeeing!

Wellbeeing is a foundation of Amsterdam-based group of beekeepers and friends who are dedicated to improving the well-being and survival of bees and other pollinators.

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What do we do?

  • We educate communities on the importance of pollinators with our introductory course
  • We encourage urban dwellers to connect with the bees via the BeePalace & its experience
  • We educate and help communities to support the bees and other pollinators
  • We teach beekeepers to look after bees in a natural, biodynamic way that works with the environment through our  practical beekeeping courses
  • We partner with companies to safeguard bees through natural beekeeping and host team-building events. This fosters environmental awareness and enhances people’s connection to both the bees and their organization

Who do we partner with?

Watch our beekeeper Geert catch a swarm

What makes natural beekeeping different?

  • The beekeepers support bees to live as naturally as possible
  • We support other pollinators in the areas we work in by planting flowers & maintaining sustainable environments
  • The bees are free to build natural comb instead of wax foundations
  • The bees’ winter honey supply is not robbed and replaced by sugar water
  • There is no drone management
  • No queen extruders are used and queens are not cut
  • The bees are free to give birth naturally or in other words: to swarm
  • The bees will not be treated with chemical products or acids
  • We work with natural hives, using only natural materials

We have or maintain different natural beehives in different locations in Amsterdam. They are placed on rooftops, city parks, and inner gardens.

Currently, we have colonies in:

How can you help the bees & other pollinators?

You too can help the bees, as an individual, company or school. The bees, we and future generations are grateful to you.

Join us in our mission to protect and preserve all types of bees and pollinators.