The bee's WellBeeing, is our WellBeeing!

We are Amsterdam-based beekeepers and friends who are dedicated to improving the well-being and survival of bees.

We are committed to natural, biodynamic beekeeping. We offer introductory and practical beekeeping courses, support hives throughout the Netherlands, and advocate for better apiary practices.

Watch our beekeeper Geert catch a swarm

Our organizational hive is located at the Westerpark Bijenpaleis (The Westerpark Beepalace).

How will you help the bees?

You too can help the bees, as an individual, company or school. The bees, we and future generations are grateful to you.

You can read about what we do for the bees on the About us page.

For example, we organize Introduction courses in the Netherlands (Amsterdam) and Belgium (Ghent) and a Practical beekeeper training for beginners, so that you can also become a (natural) beekeeper, and much more.

Join us.