The bees need help, and helping them is our passion. 

There are a number of things that you can easily do to help the bees, and financially helping us help the bees or adopting a hive are part of that.

Via this link you can make a direct contribution to our foundation:

We accept donations of all amounts,

But with a specific donation of;

  • 30€ you adopt 100 bees
  • 45€ you create 1 square meter of bee-flowers
  • 70€ you let us create a natural nesting space for solitary bees

To finalize your adoption, transfer your donation to the following account:

Stichting Wellbeeing
IBAN : NL09 BUNQ 2034 5601 59

Donations from 30€ and up will be published on our facebook page if you would like that, and it can also be given as a birthday, Christmas, … gift. So if you prefer a gift card over a digital mentioning, just let us know.

Adopt a whole bee colony 

We also welcome partners who wish to adopt a whole bee colony on site or at one of our locations or partners that can help us maintain the Beepalace in the Amsterdam Westerpark. 

When you sponsor an entire bee colony on your or one of our locations we will:

  • place a natural hive in a safe, supportive location 
  • populate the hive with a natural swarm of 5,000-15,000 bees that we personally collect
  • enable the maintenance of this colony for 3 years, with about 50 hours per year of care for each by experienced, well-trained beekeepers who employ natural and biodynamic best practices

Sponsoring a hive at your or our location starts at 1500€/year

Upon sponsoring an entire colony we will look into providing you and or 2 friends/members of your staff with an introduction training so learn everything there is to know about bees. Potentially, we will also mention you as a partner on our site, place your logo on the beehive, and provide you with a quarterly update and photo of the bees (for you communication).

To sponsor a whole hive please email Geert Van Kerckhove,


Help protect the bees. You can help us and the bees by doing a monthly donation or an one-time donation. If you opt for a monthly donation, you immediately make a first donation after filling in the form below. This first donation then serves as a mandate, in other words you give us permission to collect the desired amount monthly.