Introduction course: Buzzing Bees

The next English introduction course “Buzzing Bees“ is again spread over 3 Wednesday evenings: October 9th, 16th and 23rd 2024 from 19:00 to 21:30 at Lab111 in Amsterdam.

During this in 7,5 hour course, our experienced natural city beekeeping teacher will submerge you into the wondrous world of the honeybees, solitary bees and other pollinators. 

The class employs heavy use of imagery, storytelling, important information, and tactile experience of feeling, smelling and tasting pollen wax, honey or propolis. 

During the course you will learn everything there is to know about city bees and beekeeping. The course focuses on honeybees, but you will also learn about solitary bees, bumblebees, and wasps, and how they relate to bees and our city environments. 

We will take a look at the bees’ present situation, and address the questions that arise in today’s world: what is it we hear in the news about the bees dying/colony collapse disorder? What is the value of bees today and what can we best do or not do to help them? What role do bees play and what products/medicines do they produce? 

We also look into the bees living environment – how they evolve throughout the year, how they live, what they eat, what beekeeping is, and the different ways of beekeeping. We will outline what types of beehives can be used and the kinds of tools that are needed. 

After the course you will have a complete overview of the world of bees, and be ready to participate in one of our practical natural beekeeping courses in the Spring. Everyone who wishes to take a practical natural beekeeping course with us must take this introductory course first in order to have a basic theoretical background. 

The total cost for this 7,5 -hour course is 180€. This course is taught in English. 

Please input your email address to register. We will reply with payment details to finalise your enrollment.

Note: You can get a personal discount if you bring a few friends and subscribe together as a group. If you bring 3 friends, they pay the regular price but you only pay 100€ instead of the regular 180€. If you bring 5 friends, you get a FREE ticket.

If you have any other questions email us at info[at]


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