The bee's WellBeeing, is our WellBeeing!

    Adopt a bee (colony)


    The Beepalace or “Bijenpaleis” in the Amsterdam Westerpark has been renovated with the city of Amsterdam.

    The official opening is planned Saturday April 6th at 14.00h
    We would like to invite you then for a celebration here: https://goo.gl/maps/D6kLxv8HMVD2

    Starting May 2018 we organise guided visits with the beekeeper for up to max. 10 people in the Beepalace.
    During which one of the beehives will be opened so you can see the bees on the comb.
    The beekeeper will tell you more about; the specially designed building, the bees, how they live, what they eat and need, what’s up about the bees dying we hear off, how our foundation tries to help the bees and what we all can do for them. You will taste some local honey, learn about propolis and are able to try some lip balm made out of beeswax. You can ask all your questions and bring your friends or family.
    The total costs for this 1,5 h visit are 17,50€ pp.

    Subscribe here to take part in one of our guided visits:

    11th of May, from 17.00-18.30 h

    22nd of June, from 17.00-18.30 h

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