Welcome to the WellBeeing.org foundation

The WellBeeing.org foundation works at improving the well-being of bees. We want to help these pollinators that have helped produce our food for centuries, by providing them with a better living environment an increase their chances for survival on the short- and long term.

It is time for a transition from what they can do for us, to what we can for them given the situation they are in today. Many media have already reported on how bad the situation is for bees, so after recognising the problem, we try to look for possible solutions and make a practical change together.

As an individual, company, school, … you van also help the bees:
The bees, we and our future generations thank you already.

All the things we do for the bees can be seen on our About Us page.

For example; We organise an English Introduction course in Amsterdam, improve the local pollen offer, organise a Practical Beekeeping training for beginners so you can also become a (natural) beekeeper, and much more.